A story of falling in love over lock down.

We will never know where we’d be, if I didn’t live by the waves.


Lockdown, providing heaps of time to dust off those thoughts and get tangled in your mind. I have no sense of his interest. It’s easy to text. Can I just call him? Are we there? Is it too needy? It’s just a casual chat… I don’t care if he answers, I’m chill ya know. I want to know how his day is going. I want to tell him about Sam’s homemade gnocchi. Since…

Can we be living authentically if our actions do not align with our values?

I value sustainability, human rights, nature’s rights, restricting corporate power and healthy living. Given these values, there are things I feel I should be doing. The weight of what I should do is heavy, reminding me of the ways I contradict myself.

Shoulds bump into my thoughts without warning each day. That feeling I’ve forgotten something, distracting me from this moment. The silent guilt as I wonder, am I doing enough? Even thinking about ‘enough’ is exhausting. My mind remembers my actions that prove I don’t…

Beyond debt, a world of belonging: From consumerism to community

Our current economic system is built on debt. From the 20th century onwards, we have been spending more than we have, through borrowing. It is the people that have sustained economic growth — by stimulating the economy via consumption, and thus preventing another crash.

The story we are told about debt is inconsistent. Government debt is to be avoided at all costs. By contrast, debt is both normal and necessary for typical citizens; be it student loans, mortgages, credit card debts or other loans.

What if, instead of spending more…

Sally Hett

Lightning Lab GovTech NZ — passionate about experimental government policy + regenerative economies + community building

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